Our Products

Our Products

Pressure Vessels

Using high grade carbon steel and stainless steel, we are manufacturing pressure vessels that are used for various applications and are widely in demand in several industries. These fabricated products are minutely examined and well met international standards. Our core emphasis focuses on designing and manufacturing as per the client’s details and specifications, which made us one of the leading competitor in the market for delivering high quality products.

Fabrication of pressure tanks and vessels that bears “U” stamps are made with accordance

  • Blasting and Painting Services.
  • SSCT has created strategic alliances with local blasting and painting contractor like HBK Oil & Gas Services, (ex - HBK Power Cleaning Wll) & M/s Morgan Middle East Wll. carrying out all type of blasting and painting application includes fire proofing systems.
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing.
  • To cover all aspects of the surface protection, Hot Dip Galvanizing system is one of the most demanded surface protection system, therefore SSCT has creates such strategic alliance with two significant applicators in Qatar, M/s Sea Shore Galvanizing plant & M/s Coastal Galvanizing Plant.

Due to the market demand we are in the process to dedicate specialised team for inner and our rubber lining process.

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